Folding and Stacking/Nesting Containers

Award-winning Maxinest is one of the largest and most diverse range of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) for food and grocery distribution. Maxinest is the only produce tray to offer multi-height options, enabling the same tray to be used for a number of different applications. From feild or food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale maxinest protects, maintains quality and promotes hygeine for fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, prepackaged meats, fish, prepared meals and many other grocery items. Maxinest fits standard distriution and display equipment.

The new Maxinest+ range has  been developed to meet the growing trend in more sophisticated and efficient supply chains.

For Non food and automotive parts logistics and distribution, Prelog NG, and Prelog CMB are perfect solutions offering 6/1  folding ratio, along with lightweight and ergonomic design.

Handles, label holders, fast moving locking systems and different heights enable Prelog NG to be mixed in fleets with Galia and VDA automoive boxes. Prelog CMB in 400 mm high, is fully suitable for textlie distribution, from storage to store, through automated handling and order preparation systems.

Prelog and ortus, are designed for food retail logistics: efficient, hygenic highly ventilated for optimized air flow, they protect produce and other food product from damage from feild harvesting to distribution centres. They are very often used as shelf ready packaging on display, in stores.

Prelog can take up to 20 kg unit load and 250 kg stacking load. Ortus is only 36 mm incremental folded height, maximizing savings on return logistics, enhancing profitability.