Stacking & Intralogistics Containers

Modular automotive Nest only boxes range. One height for 3 footprints, to mix on pallet units. 80% space aving when empty.

System 9000 is a complete storage system for efficient small parts handling in industry and trade. Based on a wide range of durable bins and storage trays, System 9000 provides outstanding versatility. The design of our bins and trays assures easy identification of and access to the contents, as well as full utilisation of space. 

Non euro stack only are boxes designed for specific applications: 500 x 300 fruit harvesting boxes, 610 x 350 seed trays, part of a full agriculture solution.

750 x 500 food maturing boxes for different types of cheese and allowing automated return system thanks to perfectly similar surfaces inside and outside base. Part of a complete cheese processing solution including special pallets.

762 x 457 confectionery and morning goods trays: fully ventilated and smooth inside, they preserve quality, aspect and freshness of all food products, and their footprint is designed to enable one layer of food product inside, for maximum care.

Al Dhanna Industries offer the widest and deepest Euro stacker's range. Seven footprints from 200 x 150 to 800 x 600 and even 1000 x 400. Multiple heights, in both solid and ventilated variants and many customizing options to meet all kind of industrial requiremnets for manufacturing, storage, order preparation and logistics applications. Straight walls and flat bases optimize internal volume. Angle pillars and top rim ribs provide mechanical resistance and allow over palletizing on long term. Label holders, pimple pad areas, RFID option, provide efficient identifiaction. 

To meet the requirement of automated warehousing systems we developed several ranges of Euro stacking boxes with unique features:

LWB: one shot molded double base with external ribs or fully smooth offers 4 footprints and multiple volumes, for maximum versatility. Unit load can be up to 50 kg on long term storage, depending on the type of load structure.

Eureka double base: can take up to 70 kg on long term storage in 600 x 400 footprint thanks to double welded smooth base.

Eureka boxes offer maximum internal volume and space thanks to no rib design and double pillars in angles and sides.

Pimple pad areas, label holders and robot grips are on both sides and ends, to meet all type of requirements.

Al Dhanna Industries offer the full range of automotive standard stacking boxes: VDA norm, KLT, RKLT and RLKLT in all footprints and heights. Very strong and with multiple label holders on sides and ends, they also offer very large comfortable handgrips for ergonomic handling.
Galia Odette 20 Kg range and Long Galia box for long automotive parts. All include multiple label holders and robot gripping zones for automated handling.
Very structured with vertical pillars all those boxes allow very heavy stacking load and comply with VDA and Galia tests.
We also developed unique automotive packaging solutions in 2 footprints 600 x 400 and 600 x 500 that can be equipped with dunnages for fragile and/or very dense parts.